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Put on baptismal funds since 2007 by the founders, the founder ZAKAT and SADAKA Islamic association has worked energetically for the fight against poverty, the development of Islam and the provision of its expertise for the calculation and redistribution of the ZAKAT according to the transparent rules of Islam.

Its sustained efforts towards the vulnerable groups and the notoriety gained earned it the approval of the Beninese government for its official and legal existence in 2013 and to sign with the Beninese State and many international partners of fruitful agreements of patenariats.

remove_red_eyeThe Team

The team of Zakat Foundation and Sadaka Benin is made up of volunteers, Islamic youths and high-level managers with trustworthy experiences and fears of ALLAH

The presidency of the Zakat Foundation and Sadaka Benin is provided by Sheikh Imam Chakirou AMOUSSOU an expert in planning and project management, specialist in Islamic finance and Islamic jurist.

The team is now composed of about ten people, available to help you calculate your Zakat or constitute with you your application for Zakat allocation.

A gesture of love...

For the poor, the needy, the needy travelers.

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